High Tech Job Fair

Learning about a company before you meet their representatives at a fair or before an interview is one of the most important things you can do to improve your job search. Information about each company attending the fair has been broken down into the following categories. This is only a starting point! The Management & Economics Library (MEL) has a number of other resources available to improve your company knowledge.

Each Company Research Page Contains the Following (if available):

  • Website: Review the Company Website
  • Company Profile:
    • Link to a profile of the company from:
      • "Datamonitor Company Profiles Authority"
      • aggregate of profiles found in "LexisNexis"
  • Company News:
    • Link to recent news articles about the company from:
      • "Business Source Premier/EBSCOhost"
      • newspaper articles from "LexisNexis"
      • magazine articles from "LexisNexis"

Additional Research Resources:

Individual Company Research Pages for the Fall 2009 Career Fair